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Tuesday, June 16, 2009Y

ok lah~
i want update my blog right now le lah~ 嗯哼... 那我就先從pangkor trip started first.. let me show you the picture first ar..

This is my class picture lah~ unformal de.. then you can see the girl behind there look like want fall down liao~ maybe is weight problem lah~~ hehehehe..

this is my very lun jun lecturer lah.. just diving yi xia xia jiu bleeding liao..

Haiz~ gambling so geng one ar they all can be 賭神 and 賭后 的啦~

This is my picture lah.. do you know who am i?? hahaha.. before I diving take de picture lah… with a moi.. elvin and me lah…so cute right?? Hahahaha.. I know de lah.. no need said too straight..

ok lah~
i will update my blog de lah~ if have time la~
see you~~ heehehhehe..

ends at 5:40 AM

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